Among Us VR Release Date May Have Just Leaked

The award-winning social deception game could be arriving on VR headsets this holiday season.

This past December developer Inner Sloth announced plans to bring its uber-popular social deception game Among Us to VR headsets. Today we received a potential update on the release date of this highly-anticipated multiplayer party game.

Originally released in 2018 on consoles on PC, Among Us has 3-14 players working together to complete a series of unique tasks to prepare a futuristic spaceship for departure. Meanwhile, one or several players secretly playing the roles of saboteurs work from the shadows to hinder your efforts, either by disrupting equipment or murdering other players.

Innocent crew members can call a group meeting at any point and vote to eject players they believe to be murderers. The innocent team wins by either completing all of the tasks or sussing out each of the murderers before time runs out. It’s a simple premise, but one that results in plenty of hilarious moments.

This week an internal Steam update may have revealed the official release date for the highly-anticipated VR remake. According to SteamDB, Among Us VR may launch on PC VR headsets via Steam on December 13, 2022, just in time for the holidays.

Whether or not this information is correct remains to be seen. Innersloth has confirmed that Among Us VR will make an appearance at the Meta Gaming Showcase, an annual event focused on VR gaming, this Wednesday, April 20th. Chances are good we’ll receive an official release date then.

Until then you can satisfy your social deception desires with one of several player-created clones available on social VR platforms like Rec Room and VRChat.

Image Credit: Innersloth

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