Social Deduction Game ‘Among Us’ Is Here To Ruin Friendships In VR

Rec Room brings the internet’s latest obssession to life in VR.

Developer InnerSloth’s multiplayer party game Among Us has been absolutely dominating the internet as of late, offering players a unique social deception experience that’s quickly testing the limits of friendships around the globe.

It’s a fairly simple premise: Teams of 4-10 players must complete a series of objectives as they attempt to prepare their spaceship for departure. Meanwhile, one or more players will attempt to hinder the group’s efforts by sabotaging the ship, seeding mistrust among the crew, even killing innocent players. Players can accuse one another in emergency meetings and vote on who to eject into space.

It can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience at times; constantly having to watch your back while completing objectives, defending your innocence in emergency meetings. And now you can enjoy all that stressful debating in VR thanks to a custom Rec Room environment built using the apps extensive room-creation tools.

As shown in a video by HairyManLegs, this VR mod drops players into a large interactive spaceship where they are tasked with completing a series of objectives scattered throughout the ship. Sometimes this means frantically smacking a keyboard in order to transfer important data; other times it means activating a scanner to record your biometric data. Meanwhile, one player serving as the Imposter will be skulking in the shadows ready to strike. Imposters have the ability to travel through the ship’s air vents as well, allowing them to travel quickly and quietly throughout the ship.

Once someone discovers a clue or a body, they can then declare an emergency meeting. Here players, are able to talk freely to one another and discuss clues, make accusations, or request a vote. Those suspected of treachery are then ejected from the ship via the airlock which—unlike the adorable original—is slightly more unsettling in first-person. If the Imposter manages to kill every other player then it’s game over.

You can check out the free Among Us VR mod now via Rec Room on Oculus and SteamVR. Those interested in the original 2D game can pick it up for $5 on PC via Steam. There’s also a free mobile version available on iOS and Android.

If you enjoy this VR adaptation, you may like another VR mod of the popular online party game, Fall Guys. Players have gone out of their way to create custom VR renditions in both Rec Room as well as VRChat, allowing players the chance to develop a genuine case of vertigo in a safe environment.

Image Credit: HairyManLegs

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