Thief Simulator VR Adds Even More Stuff To Steal On Quest

Return to a life of crime in this sizable DLC update.

Developer 3R Games this week announced a new update for its popular VR game, Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street, which introduces a brand new neighborhood over twice the size of Greenview Street.

Available now on Meta Quest headsets, the Richie R. Street DLC takes place directly after the events of the original game. However, instead of robbing your way through the cozy suburb that is Greenview Street, you’ll be taking your skills to a lavish neighborhood filled with luxurious items and premium cars to steal.

Credit: 3R Games

That said, it won’t be easy. These wealthy homes feature intense security measures that you’ll need to bypass without getting caught. This includes everything from advanced security systems to professional bodyguards. Speaking of NPCs, this latest update introduces new character artificial intelligence (AI), facial animations, and voice-overs, adding a new level of realism to the game.

Here are a few other noticeable additions:

  • 12+ missions with Vinny as your guide.
  • Hijack and disassemble luxury cars.
  • Mini-games like car key cloning & deactivating house alarms.
  • More intelligent tenants and police officers.
  • Quest 2 exclusive story quests.
  • The first side jobs pack.

Here’s what your handler, Vinny, has to say: “Greenview is fine, but it is getting too hot for us. It’s time to move on, you know…visit some new neighborhood. A place where the grass is greener, houses are bigger, wallets fatter and their cars…muah! Heck, everything is gonna be just premium there. This will be one hell of a ride! And by the end of it we will be filthy rich… That’s right, you are going to Richie R. Street!”

The Richie R. Street DLC is available now on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets for $14.99. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: 3R Games

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