The VR Sex Suit Is A Thing Now And It’s Terrifying

We have no words for this really.

There are a million things to be excited about when it comes to virtual reality games. Whether playing tennis against yourself or fighting off zombie hordes with an axe, VR can let you do some pretty extreme things you would normally never get to experience.

This brings us to the VR sex suit (probably NSFW) that has made its debut in Japan and is just straight up weird.

According to the creator, the “sex suit” is designed to work with your Oculus Rift headset (Gear VR pictured) and a game called Sexy Beach, which is an erotic dating video game created by a Japanese game developer.


I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing any of this first-hand, but what I can gather from some cursory research (Google) is that the user basically puts on the suit with a device called the Tenga attached to the front and then proceeds to have a “romantic date” with an anime character in VR.

The suit also has specially made sensors to simulate the sensation of “holding hands” and “bumping fists” for the user to experience during their date.

I am sure you get my drift (video below).

The Full Body Virtual Interface as the “sex suit” is officially named, will run you about $430 (sold-out), but don’t ever expect to look at anime characters the same again.

Image Credit: Ricedigital

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