Echo Arena Is Getting Its Own VR Esports Arena

A new era in VR esports may be upon us.

Originally released on Oculus Rift headsets back in 2017, Echo Arena has remained one of the most popular VR sports experiences currently available thanks to its straightforward but satisfying multiplayer gameplay and free-to-play price tag. The game has been featured as part of numerous esports competitions over the years, establishing itself as one of the go-to competitive VR experiences.

Last week it was announced that developers Ready At Dawn and Meta are partnering with digital venue provider Virtex to develop a virtual esports arena for Echo Arena, offering fans of the Tron-like experience a new way to enjoy the action live in VR.

Virtex Stadium was first introduced back in 2021 as the next evolution in spectator esports. Similar to a real-world sports arena, visitors (up to 200 per server) can gather in a virtual stadium and watch from the sidelines as immersive 3D gameplay is broadcasted directly onto the center field. They can also enjoy fan reactions, stadium effects, and numerous other audio and video elements. There’s even a pre-game lobby where you and 49 other fans can hype each other up before taking your virtual seats.

The company said that it’s partnering with a number of publishers and esports organizations to bring their games to its lineup of customizable VR arenas. That said, Echo Arena marks one of the first VR titles to employ Virtex stadium technology, an exciting step forward for the VR esports industry.

Other than that we have little to no information regarding the Echo Arena virtual stadium. In a new teaser posted on YouTube, you can catch a glimpse of an Echo Arena disk passing by a futuristic arena featuring what appears to be a digital scoreboard and a pair of large video walls. In a previous announcement, Virtex confirmed that each stadium will feature its own robust production console, allowing production teams to capture and broadcast key gameplay moments in real-time.

For more information on the Virtex Stadium, you can visit Those interested in participating can sign up for the closed beta test via Discord.

Image Credit: Virtex Entertainment

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