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The VRScout Report is a weekly podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst.

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Past VRScout Podcast Episodes

Episode 63

Episode 63 – Social VR pioneer Altspace shuts down, ‘Second Life’ successor Sansar launches open beta, WebVR comes to Firefox, Disney wants you to be a Star Wars jedi in VR, the funding & investment wrapup. Hosted by Malia Probst and special guest Sophia Dominguez, co-founder of SVRF.com and creator of AllThingsVR.
Episode 62

Episode 62 – Live recording from the panel discussion at VRScout’s most recent monthly mixer, where we talk all about Hollywood & VR/AR.
Episode 61

Episode 61 – Lenovo’s new AR concept headset & Disney partnership, all the VR/AR goodies at Comic-Con, Steven Spielberg’s trailer for Ready Player One is finally here, new industry landscape shows 60% increase in enterprise augmented reality, the investment & funding wrapup, and more… Hosted by Malia Probst Special Guests: Jonathan Nafarrete
Episode 60

Episode 60 – Live stream your cartoon virtual avatar on Facebook, stealth AR company unveils its new AR headset– and it involves Apple, join your friend to play with art together, Facebook’s standalone headset is coming, the investment & funding wrapup, and more… Hosted by Malia Probst Special Guests: Jonathan Nafarrete
Episode 59

Episode 59 – Apple acquires computer vision company, the hidden 3D map feat. in iOS 11 public beta, Google is experimenting with VR ads, go golfing in Google Earth, and the investment & funding wrapup…Hosted by Malia Probst Special Guests: Jonathan Nafarrete
Episode 58

Episode 58 – YouTube releases app for heatmaps and announces a new VR180 video format (and cameras!), VidCon’s fun interactive VR activations, diving into Apple’s AR plans, a VR headset changes the taste of your food, Intel’s focus on sports through VR, and more…
Episode 57

Episode 57 – Mario Kart & Spider-Man come to VR, we chat all about news from E3, Intel’s new VR eSports league AND wireless VR solution, the investment & funding wrapup, and more…
Episode 56

Episode 56 – Apple finally talks about VR while taking a (very solid) swing at AR, Walmart will use virtual reality to train employees, you can grow better weed with AR + AI, and Q1 VR headset sales…
Episode 55

Episode 55 – This week’s episode is a live recording from the panel discussion at VRScout’s most recent monthly mixer, which addressed the topic of Investing in VR. We chat all about how investors are thinking about the VR/AR industry, as well as insight from funded VR/AR companies about their journey to secure financing.
Episode 54

Episode 54 – Watch YouTube in VR with your friends, Google pours resources into shared social VR experiences, upcoming standalone headsets will be wireless, the Snapchat vs. Facebook continues, the investment & funding wrapup, and more…
Episode 53

Episode 53 – Snapchat patent points to AR Spectacles content, Oculus Story Studio shuts down while continuing their VR for Good program, Congress gets into VR, Milwaukee gets sued by an AR company, the investment & funding wrapup, and more…
Episode 52

Episode 52 – This week we cover Unity’s Vision Summit and key highlights from the conference. We then feature a few hallway-style conversations with attendees, all of whom have different perspectives on the industry as well as varied takeaways from the expo.
Episode 51

Episode 51 – PlayStation looks to an arcade rollout, Shazam goes augmented, AMD wants to go wireless, HTC Viveport’s new subscription service, the investment & funding wrapup, and more…
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