‘Among Us’ Is Getting An Official VR Remake

The announcement was made during The Game Awards 2021 alongside a handful of other exciting reveals.

Last night was The Game Awards 2021, anannual ceremony/marketing event hosted and organized by universally-beloved journalist Geoff Keighley that’s dedicated to honoring the best games of the year while, simultaneously, hyping players on the next wave of must-have titles. Each show usually features a handful of exciting world premieres, and this year was no exception.

In addition to major announcements regarding console and PC games, VR also showed up in full force. Here are some of the standout moments from last night’s celebration, starting with arguably the most exciting reveal.


Among Us is officially heading to VR on the Meta Quest 2, PC VR, and PlayStation VR headsets!

One of the most popular multiplayer game experiences available at the moment, Among Us is all about deception. Available on consoles, PC, and mobile devices, this social deduction game has groups of up to 15 working together to complete a series of unique tasks throughout a variety of sprawling environments.

Meanwhile, one or more members of the group work in secret to thwart your efforts, either by sabotaging equipment or straight-up murdering other players. If you catch a murderer in the act or notice any suspicious activity, you can call a group meeting and vote to eliminate specific players. Just make sure you’re not sending an innocent person to the grave; too many incorrect eliminations and the saboteurs win.

For more information on Among Us VR check out Meta’s official blog post. No word yet on an official release date.


Everyone’s favorite VR rhythm game returns with yet another downloadable Music Pack. Available now on VR headsets, this latest paid DLC introduces 10 new tracks from pop icon Lady GaGa. This includes hit songs such as “Alejandro”, “Bad Romance”, “Born This Way”, “Paparazzi”, “Poker Face”, “Just Dance (feat. Colby O’Donis)”, “Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)”, “Stupid Love”, “Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)”, and “The Edge of Glory”.

“Lady Gaga is known for sitting at the cutting-edge of culture, so virtual reality was a natural fit,” said David Nieman, Vice President of Marketing, Interscope Records, in the official Meta blog post. “We’re thrilled for fans to be able to experience her music and aesthetic in a truly immersive way and can’t wait to see the reception from the Beat Saber community.”

The Lady GaGa Music Pack is available now for $12.99. You also have the option to purchase songs individually for $1.99 each.


Who saw this coming except everyone? The official VR remake of Capcom’s iconic third-person action-horror game took home the award for Best VR/AR game of the year last night, beating out popular experiences like Lone Echo 2, Hitman III, I Expect You To Die 2, and Sniper Elite VR.

The game was released on Quest 2 headsets back in September and was an immediate hit with players as well as critics. Whether you’re a die-hard Umbrella fan or just love finely-tuned VR shooters, RE4VR is easily one of the most well-tuned and entertaining VR games currently available on Quest 2 at the moment.

If you’ve yet to experience the magic that is Resident Evil 4 VR, do yourself a favor and buy it now on Quest 2 for $39.99. As if the expertly-crafted campaign wasn’t enough, later this year developer is introducing “The Mercenaries”, a fan-favorite game mode that tasks you with racking up points by killing enemies throughout some of the games best levels.

Feature Image Credit: Oculus (Meta)

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