The Pimax Crystal VR Headset Is Available Now

The first 500 orders will receive a free pair of DMAS headphones.

Available now for order, Pimax Crystal is a high-end immersive device that features an impressive pixel count of 5760 x2880, the highest of any consumer VR headset currently available for purchase, according to Pimax. The visuals are further enhanced by QLED+Mini LED panels and local dimming, a technology that dims dark areas and brightens colorful areas for improved visuals.

Pimax Crystal can be used as a standard PC VR headset or standalone device thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 & Pimax’s Customized PC VR Engine Dual-processor chip, offering you access to all PC VR games as well as a variety of standalone games available via the Pimax Play platform, including Crisis VRigade 2 and Audio Trip.

Regardless of which mode you choose, you can operate the device wirelessly via wifi streaming or the optional 60G wireless module. You don’t even need to use any base stations thanks to the four external depth-of-field cameras located on the headset, though the company does offer an optional Lighthouse cover for PC VR mode.

Other interesting features include high-fidelity 3D stereo surround sound, replaceable 35 pixels-per-degree (PPD) lenses, and foveated rendering powered by built-in eye-tracking technology, which is capable of registering your eyes at 120 times per second.

Pimax Crystal is available now starting at $1,599. Each purchase comes with a headset, two motion controllers, a charging dock, additional lenses, the Power&Connection HUB kit, and everything else you need to get started.

Those interested can secure their headset over at According to Pimax, the first 500 customers will receive a pair of DMAS headphones 100% free of charge. You can also try the headset before you buy at one of Pimax’s numerous Experience Centers.

Feature Image Credit: Pimax

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