KORG Just Launched A Futuristic Music Studio In VR

Immerse yourself in a “new type” of music studio.

Legendary musical instrument manufacturer KORG recently announced the launch of its popular music production studio app KORG Gadget on VR headsets. Originally release on platforms such as iOS, Mac, and, bizarrely enough, the Nintendo Switch, this marks the first time the award-winning software will be available in VR.

Credit: KORG Inc.

According to KORG, KORG Gadget VR immerses musicians in a “new type” of music studio where they can produce original compositions using an assortment of unique instrumental gadgets, from keyboards and drum machines to the very same synths used in the iOS version.

Each gadget has been updated by the developer for use with motion controls, allowing you to go “hands-on” like you would in the real world. You can arrange these instruments any way you’d like throughout your 3D space, allowing you to create the ultimate 360-degree digital audio workstation (DAW).

“Now, Gadget has finally entered the world of VR. In the 3D space that spreads out before your eyes, you will be able to control gadgets that are arranged in 360 degrees as if they were surrounding you,” said the company in an official release. “All you need is a VR headset compatible with KORG Gadget VR*. Enjoy creating music with the DAW of the future, which offers an immersive experience unlike anything you have ever experienced before.”

KORG Gadget VR is available now on PC VR as well as Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets for $29.99. For more information check out the official announcement here.

Feature Image Credit: KORG Inc.

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