How To Log In To Your Quest Without Facebook

Meta accounts have officially arrived. Here’s how it works.

Meta (formerly Facebook) today began rolling out support for Meta accounts on Quest 2 headsets, offering a new way to access your VR devices without the need for a Facebook account. The highly-anticipated update provides several options depending on your current setup.

The following is a brief guide to creating your Meta account. We’ll start with those jumping into a Meta VR device for the first time.


The first thing you’ll need to do is download the official Oculus mobile app on your iOS or Android device. After turning on your headset you’ll be presented with a unique code that can be used to pair your device to the app. You’ll then be prompted to log in using Facebook or Instagram. You can also create a Meta account via email, bypassing the need for social media altogether.

That said, you’re still more than welcome to sign in using Facebook, which unlocks additional features such as Messenger. After setting up a Meta account you’ll then decide on a display name, username, and profile picture. The final step is to adjust your privacy settings (Open to Everyone, Friends and Family, and Solo).


If you’re an existing Meta VR user logged in via Facebook then the process will look a bit different. Upon receiving the update, you’ll be instructed to visit if you’re on Quest and if you’re on Rift and create a Meta account using Facebook. You’ll then have the option to remove Facebook and use your email instead.


If you’re logging in with an original Oculus account, you’ll follow a procedure similar to the one described above. That said, you will need to create a Meta account and Meta profile by January 1, 2023 in order to continue using the device.

No matter what method you choose, your purchases, friends, and game progress will be transferred to your new account automatically. That said if you remove your Facebook and Instagram accounts you will be unable to use Messenger or search for friends on social media.

“Our new Meta account structure gives you more flexibility and control, letting you choose how you do and don’t show up—and whether Facebook and/or Instagram is part of your experience in VR and other surfaces where you use your Meta Horizon profile,” said the company in an official blog post.

As mentioned previously, Meta accounts will begin rolling out on headsets today, so don’t freak out if you don’t see the option available just yet.

Image Credit: Meta

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