‘Rock Band’ Meets ‘DOOM’ In VR Drum Game ‘Drums Rock’

Battle demonic creatures by jamming out to a rock n’ roll soundtrack worthy of the gods in this hellish VR rhythm game.

What happens when you mix the addictive drumming gameplay of Rock Band with the demon-killing action of DOOM? It’s a question many of us have asked ourselves at some point. Right? Right… Thankfully, Drums Rock is here to answer our burning question.

Brought to us by Barcelona-based developer Garage 51 (Demon Blade), Drums Rock is a VR arcade drum game that has you laying down brutal beats in order to slay a never-ending wave of demonic creatures. As you continue on your hellish journey, you’ll unlock new challenges, cosmetics, levels, songs, and worlds. Unlike the electronic beats featured in games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, Drums Rock features an original soundtrack composed of several different types of head-banging rock.

“From the creators of Demon Blade, Drums Rock is born with the intention to reminisce the great ROCK music games, move away from techno music, and make a tribute to classic and modern rock history, to make rock great again!” states the company. “We have combined music games with arcade/hordes games to integrate it into a fantastic and punk world, where you feel like a real rocker in VR.”

The game can be played sitting down for maximum comfort. You can even perform stylish tricks like drumstick flourishes, when you’re not slaying demons using the awesome power of rock ‘n roll that is.

Image Credit: Garage51

Drums Rock launches on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets in late 2021.

This past year we’ve seen the release of several unique VR rhythm games, many of them revolving around drumming. This past August marked the launch of Smash Drums! on SideQuest, followed by the Viking-themed longship racing game Ragnarock.

For more information on Drums Rock visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Garage 51

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