Race Longships In VR Viking Rhythm Game ‘Ragnarock’

Use mighty Viking hammers to lead your crew in this PvP VR rhythm racer, available July 15th on SteamVR headsets followed by Oculus Quest.

*UPDATE [7/20/21] – Ragnarock is now available on Oculus Quest headsets via the App Lab.*

In a market already flooded with VR rhythm games, from classic experiences such as Beat Saber and Synth Riders to more recent iterations like Pistol Whip and Supernatural, developers need to be creative in order to set their titles apart from the pack. Ragnarock, a Viking-themed VR rhythm racer by independent French VR developer WanadevStudio, is one such game.

Ragnarock offers a fresh take on the VR rhythm game genre by having you go head-to-head with up to six other players in multiplayer longship races. Rather than controlling your ship via a wheel or rudder, however, you instead use a pair of mighty hammers to pound old-school Viking drums to the beat of a thunderous soundtrack composed of everything from Celtic rock to Viking power metal; the better you drum, the faster you sail.

The gameplay is simple but promises an addictive musical experience designed to make you feel like a powerful Viking warrior. Or at least a very musically talented one.

Image Credit: WanadevStudio

As you continue to race you’ll earn the chance to collect gold medals and establish your dominance on the leader board. Cross-play functionality enables you to challenge other players regardless of their platform. There’s also a single-player mode in which you compete a ghost ship that represents your current best score. This, combined with multiple difficulty levels, promises a continuous series of challenges.

Since launching in Steam Early Access this past December, the game has seen multiple updates that have introduced new music, maps, and features. This month’s official launch will add additional content to the continually expanding VR rhythm racer, with even more on the way according to the developer.

Image Credit: WanadevStudio

If that’s not enough you can also create your own songs in solo mode using tracks from your personal music library. Finally, a way to combine my interest in Viking culture with the smooth, sensual sounds of the incredible Lionel Richie.

Ragnarock will officially launch on SteamVR headsets on July 15th for $24.99. According to WanadevStudio, the game will also be available on Oculus Quest headsets later this summer.

Feature Image Credit: WanadevStudio

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