Pimax Lighthouse Faceplate Delivers Sub-Millimeter Tracking

The Lighthouse Faceplate starts at $199. That said, Pimax is offering bundled discounts with other devices.

Pimax has just announced the release of the Lighthouse Faceplate, a new tracking extension accessory for its Crystal VR headset that promises to deliver a better VR experience via enhanced peripheral expansion, high-precision tracking, and numerous other features that will blow you away.

The Lighthouse Faceplate is designed specifically for the Pimax Crystal VR headset. Once attached, it will enable the headset to be compatible with Steam’s Lighthouse external base station system, tracking your movements with sub-millimeter accuracy.

You will also have the ability to customize the tracking options on the Lighthouse Faceplate. This provides you with greater freedom of movement with full-body tracking and allows for a much deeper physical engagement that can be used for scene expansion and professional applications, such as using VR for enterprise training.

No need for the replacement of your current controllers since the Lighthouse Faceplate is compatible with existing SteamVR base stations and controllers.

Here’s a list of tracking devices compatible with the Lighthouse Faceplate:

  • Pimax Sword Controller
  • Index Knuckles Controller
  • Vive Controller
  • Vive Tracker 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0
  • Tundra Tracker
Credit: Pimax

A few things to mention before you make your decision: the Lighthouse system doesn’t support multiple sets of base station systems to work in one space. You’ll also want to avoid placing reflective objects like mirrors in your space in order to prevent inaccurate positioning due to reflections. Finally, a single faceplate system supports up to 16 object tracking.

Here are the SteamVR base station specifications:

SteamVR Base Station 1.0

  • Maximum supported base stations: 2
  • Tracking Range: 3.5m x 3.5m (with two base stations)
  • Maximum supported tracking devices: 16

SteamVR Base Station 2.0

  • Maximum supported base stations: 4
  • Tracking Range: 5m x 5m (with two base stations), 10m x 10m (with four base stations)
  • Maximum supported tracking devices: 16
Credit: Pimax

The launch of the Lighthouse Faceplate promises to give you a much more precise and awe-inspiring VR gaming experience with amazing tracking, and at a standalone price of $199, the Lighthouse Faceplate is a nice deal. Pimax is also offering some killer bundled discounts.

Bundled offers include the following discounts:

Bundle 1: Crystal ($1,599) + Lighthouse Faceplate ($199)

  • Bundle price after $100 discount: $1,698
  • Limited to 500 sets for four weeks.

Bundle 2: Crystal ($1,599) + Lighthouse Faceplate ($199) + Base Stations ($239) * 2 + Sword Controllers ($300)

  • Bundle price after $279 discount: $2,297
  • Limited to 100 sets for four weeks.
Credit: Pimax

One thing to note is that the above prices are provided for reference; the final price is subject to actual purchase.

The Pimax Lighthouse Faceplate is for those who take their VR experiences very seriously and require high-precision tracking. The release date for the Pimax Lighthouse Faceplate is expected to be mid-August.

To learn more about Pimax, the Lighthouse Faceplate, or to enter a contest to win a free Crystal VR headset, visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Pimax

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