Walkabout Mini Golf’s Official Putter Is An Awesome VR Accessory

Take your virtual golfing to the next level with this unique VR accessory for Meta Quest and Rift.

This past June, VR developer Mighty Coconut announced that it has partnered with VR accessory provider Hello Real on an official putter accessory for its VR mini golf game Walkabout Mini Golf, available now on Meta Quest and Rift headsets.

Credit: HelloReal & Mighty Coconut

The Walkabout Grip-to-Putter is available for a limited time and makes use of a variety of unique features designed to improve your virtual golf game. This includes an adjustable hardware trigger, a comfortable grip, a self-tensioning lanyard, and a swappable grip system. Every putter will also come with an in-game cosmetic.

Mighty Coconut was kind enough to send us a putter ahead of time so we could try it out for ourselves, and after just a short time with the product, we can say with confidence that the Walkabout Grip-to-Putter is an excellent accessory for any self-proclaimed VR golfing aficionado.

Credit: VRScout

The setup was fairly easy. The Touch and Touch Pro controllers slid easily into the dedicated holder. The instructions provided offer a detailed explanation of how to secure the controller to the putter’s “fidget lock” via its lanyard as well as quickly change grips.

I then needed to calibrate the device by visiting the in-game settings in Walkabout Mini Golf. After selecting the “Custom Grip” option and hitting “Calibrate,” all I had to do was move my controller into the right position while holding the grip button.

According to Mighty Coconut, a dedicated option will be provided for the Walkabout Putter upon full release, so this process should be even easier moving forward.

At this point, I was ready to get started putting. Almost immediately, I noticed an improvement in my performance. The device features a dedicated weight designed to simulate the feeling of swinging a real putter as well as a comfortable grip so you can golf for hours on end without developing any nasty blisters.

The Walkabout Putter also features a dedicated trigger, allowing you to easily interact with the grip function on your Touch controller. Holding the grip button in Walkabout Mini Golf turns your putter transparent, allowing you to practice swings before making your final putt, so you’ll find yourself using this trigger often.

Credit: VRScout

Another interesting feature I noticed while testing the device was the haptic feedback response. As I made my way through exotic courses like “Laser Lair” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” I could feel the putter make contact with the ball, just like I would if I was using my Touch controller. While this may sound like a small addition, it’s little details like these that truly immerse you in the experience.

All-in-all, the Walkabout Putter is an excellent VR accessory for those looking to take their virtual golfing to the next level. Those interested in picking one up from Mighty Coconut and Hello Real can visit for more information.

*DISCLAIMER: VRScout was provided with a free sample of the product from Mighty Coconut for the purpose of this coverage.*

Feature Image Credit: Mighty Coconut

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