Battle A 100-Foot Kraken In ‘Swordsman VR’s’ Pirates Update

Sinn Studio’s physics-driven VR sword-fighting game adds dismemberment and a new pirate faction.

Developer Sinn Studio has released a free update for its VR sword-fighting game Swordsman VR which introduces gruesome dismemberment physics and a ruthless pirate faction complete with new weapons and enemies.

Set aboard a sprawling pirate ship caught in stormy weather, your swash-buckling adventure will have you going toe-to-toe against waves of scurvy sea dogs using the new pirate cutlass and devastating gun sword. You’ll also have access to the new pirate armor and hat via the Armorer. There are five levels in total, with your journey culminating in a final boss fight against the pirate legend himself, Edward Teach a.k.a. Blackbeard.

These swash-buckling scoundrels are the least of your worries, however. Update 1.25 features a special combat event against the legendary Kraken. As the towering squid-like creature wraps its powerful tentacles around your vessel, you’ll need to man the cannons in order to free your ship from the terrifying beast before it drags you down to Davy Jones’ locker.

Below is a full list of the improvements and updates (as provided by Sinn Studio):

– Dismemberment (learn more in-game via tool-tip next to Gore setting)
– New Faction: Pirates, which includes:
New map, 5 levels and a boss fight, Unique boss weapon (Gun Sword), Pirate Armor and Hat via the Armorer, Pirate Cutlass, Unique combat event (Kraken)
– Replaced Slayer sword with new model
– Improved parry collision accuracy and reliability

Image Credit: Sinn Studio Inc.

– Balanced armor and weapon brightness throughout the game
– Knights boss gets less HP per heal with armor physics enabled
– Changed rules for Ultimate Swordsman (see tooltip in-game)
– Added Tool Tips to some options in Settings
– Various UI improvements and fixes

Swordsman VR is available now for $19.99 via SteamVR.

Feature Image Credit: Sinn Studio Inc.

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