Battle An Alien Invader And His Medieval Human Army In ‘Swordsman VR’

The fate of humankind relies on how well you can handle a sword.

If you enjoy wielding a hefty battle sword, jabbing thugs in the face through their helmet, and bashing skulls using a giant wooden shield, then you may want to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional. You may also want to check out Swordsman VR, a story-driven medieval combat game that has you battling hordes of blood-thirsty enemies using physics-based VR swordplay.

Here’s the situation: An alien invader who goes by the name of Jötunn has come to Earth to enslave the humans. To help him in his conquest, Jötunn has recruited an army of human warriors, all willing to betray humankind in exchange for a place in his army and weapons with god-like powers.  

Your task is to brawl your way through each of them using a sword, shield, and your expertise in savage hand-to-hand combat. Each level gets you one step closer to defeating Jötunn and saving mankind. Your quest won’t be easy, however. By the time you reach Jötunn, you’ll be exhausted, your life energy will be low, your sword will be damaged, and your battle shield will be shredded.

Jötunn, on the other hand, will be waiting for you at full strength, and he will have the infinite power of Hellfire in his sword to protect him.

Swordsman VR isn’t perfect but it’s still a really fun and imaginative VR experience that will bring out the brutal warrior in you as you relentlessly slash, bash, and jab your way through each level.

Developer Sinn Studio has built a fantastic VR adventure that creatively merges the look of medieval Earth with an alien invasion storyline. To bring some real-world physics into gameplay, Swordsman VR uses in-game options to try to emulate how certain armor and weapons might affect your health and strength.

Heavier armor will cause your character to lose stamina more quickly. Lighter armor, such as the Samurai armor—on the other hand—allows you to attack your enemies with speed.

Your opponents are wearing armor that can deflect your strikes. Use your sword to charge the enemy and push them off balance. From there you need to find the right moment and then drive your sword into the opening of their helmet. Use your shield to defend yourself or as a weapon to crush the bones of your enemies.

Swordsman VR lets you customize your game settings. So instead of easy, medium, hard, and expert levels, you’re able to change the speed of your movement in VR, change how your controllers work, and even add health bars to make it harder to be killed. 

If you like gore, Swordsman VR has plenty of that. Each strike sends spurts of blood into the air as your enemies fall to the ground after driving your sword into their faces. Your shield will make a bone-crushing sound as you drive it into the chest of a foe. Combine your moves like a true swordsman and fight your way to victory.

Gameplay also explores the world of magic with a telekinesis-like power that lets you summon weapons that have fallen out of your hands, or take your enemies swords.

If I had to find something to be critical about, visually, Swordsman VR has this slightly blurry look that takes me out of the game. I want to feel like I’ve been transported into the Swordsman universe where space aliens exist and I have to fight endless waves of sword carrying marauders who are hellbent on taking over the planet. Unfortunately, I lose that feeling of immersion when the game slows down and I’m left to focus on the poor resolution, but thankfully there isn’t a lot of downtime.

Another minor criticism is the story or lack thereof. The game opens with an interesting set-up, but after that, it just becomes an endless cycle of mindless violence. I would have loved to have explored more of this unique medieval world the developer has established.

Swordsman VR is available now on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets via Steam. The game features 6 different combat environments, 24 weapons and shields, and 13 customizable armor sets.

Image Credit: Sinn Studio

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