Facebook Says No Quest Pro In 2021, Quest 3 Long Way Off

“Quest 2 is going to be in the market for a while – for a long while,” says Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth.

It appears as though Facebook is just getting started with its Oculus Quest 2 headset. During an online discussion between Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth and Oculus Consulting Technical Officer John Carmack, the two execs offered several updates regarding the Oculus Quest platform. Long story short, we shouldn’t expect new hardware anytime soon.

According to a report by UploadVR, the conversation regarding Quest hardware began with Carmack reestablishing the companies commitment to the original Quest headset, saying, “I’m supportive of Quest 2-only exclusives, but I think that if a developer is doing something to, you know, make money there’s still a pretty substantial market there in Quest 1 users.”

“I expect the incentives to be for developers to support Quest 1, absolutely, and to your point, we don’t think it’s too expensive to do that, and you are unlocking, you know, 7 figures of additional users who could potentially buy your software,” responded Bosworth, adding, “which is a pretty good deal when you can get it.”

From here, the Facebook VP addressed rumors circulating about a potential Oculus Quest 3, confirming that no follow-up headset is in development at the moment. According to Bosworth, there’s a good chance we’ll see an Oculus Quest Pro long before an official generational upgrade.

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“People are also asking about the Quest 3, which doesn’t exist yet, and everyone who is listening to us who is a reporter there isn’t a Quest 3, there’s only a Quest 2, but I did hint at an AMA earlier this year about Quest Pro because we do have a lot of things in development where we want to introduce new functionality to the headset along the kinds that people theorize that we would want to introduce, and that’s a little ways off still. It’s still not gonna happen this year.”

Bosworth goes on to emphasized Facebook’s commitment to the Oculus Quest 2, saying, “For those who are curious, Quest 2 is going to be in the market for a while – for a long while, and it’s gonna be, you know, I think the best bet for the most accessible way to get into VR and have a great experience.”

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