5 Free VR Games On Oculus Quest 2 – November 2021

Watch YouTube with friends, mix your favorite music, or go head-to-head in a variety of classic board games.

Another month, another round of free games and apps for the Oculus (Meta) Quest 2. For November’s batch of free VR experiences, we have everything from a VR board game experience and collaborative design tool to an old-school DJ simulator.

The following VR games and apps are available now on the Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 100% free of charge via the Oculus Quest Store, App Lab, and SideQuest:


Watch YouTube videos with your friends in VR on the Quest. It sounds like a relatively simple concept, but up until this point enjoying your favorite viral videos alongside friends meant tethering your standalone headset to a VR-ready PC. Couch, offers a straightforward and pain-free method for watching YouTube videos on Quest; no additional hardware required.

You can join a random lobby and watch videos alongside strangers or meet up with friends in one of a thousand private rooms. Beyond that, there’s not much else to the app. You still can’t log in to your personal account, create playlists, or favorite videos. That said, the developer is working to introduce additional features in the near future.

Couch is available free on Oculus (Meta) Quest via the App Lab.


Neverboard is a board game lover’s dream. Up to four players can gather in a virtual living room using their Oculus Avatars and compete in a variety of classic card and board games like Crazy 8’s, Odd One Out, Treasure, and Risky Quizness just to name a few. There’s also a variety of comical props you can use to distract your opponents, from snack food and vegetables to interactive musical instruments.

Crazy 8’s can be played 100% free of charge. Additional games can be unlocked by spending an in-game currency you earn by playing the game or purchased using real-world money. Moving forward, developer Evernever Games will continue to update Never Board with new games, both original and licensed.

Neverboard is available free on Oculus (Meta) Quest via the Quest Store.


ShapesXR can best be described as a design and rapid prototyping tool. The app allows you to build complex VR and AR experiences without the need for any coding knowledge. In addition to working solo, team members can sync up remotely and collaborate on projects in real-time directly from their Quest headsets.

ShapesXR is game engine-friendly, allowing you to easily export your projects to popular platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Developer Tvori said the app was developed in response to frustrations the team experienced while working remotely. The app even caters to those without VR, allowing team members to view projects via a web browser.

ShapesXR is available free on Oculus (Meta) Quest via the Quest Store.

Z-RACE (New Map & Ship)

We’ve covered Z-Race before. Developer XOCUS released a demo for its fast-paced VR racer on Quest back in August. To celebrate the occasion, the company hosted a prize money tournament in which players could compete in asynchronous races for a chance to win real-world cash.

Last week the game launched the second part of the App Lab Cup alongside the brand new “Deep Dive” race track. From now until December 20th, those on Quest can compete for the fastest time on this exciting new track; first-place winner walks away with a cool $300. Unlike the previous tournament, you’re limited to three attempts per day. According to XOCUS, this change is intended to even the playing field for busier players.

The Z-Race demo is available free on Oculus (Meta) Quest via the App Lab.


Vinyl Reality Lite is a simple, but addicting VR DJ app that lets you go hands-on with a legendary SL-1200 series turntable and spin your favorite music using your Touch controllers. Unlike competing VR DJ apps like TribeXR, Vinyl Reality Lite puts you in control ofa traditional vinyl turntable setup. Here you can mix a variety of music using the two-channel mixer, scratch records using the old-school platter, and cue music via your virtual headphones.

The game comes with a catalog of free tracks for you to mix, but you’re also free to upload your own music. You can even record your mixes to share with your adoring fans. Not sure where to start? Try the in-game tutorial. Despite technically being a stripped-down version of the original 2017 PC VR release, Vinyl Reality Lite is a surprisingly robust VR DJ experience.

Vinyl Reality Lite is available free on Oculus (Meta) Quest via SideQuest.

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