The Meta Quest Adds Mobile Mixed Reality & Cloud Backup

This latest update will introduce a variety of long-sought-after features.

Facebook (Meta) today announced update v35 for the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2, teasing several major updates to the Quest platform. Rolling out over the course of the next month, v35 will impact everything from Horizon Workooms to the Oculus smartphone app. There’s quite a lot to unpack, so let’s dive straight into today’s biggest announcements.

Here’s everything we have to look forward to with update v35 for the Meta Quest:


Mobile Mixed Reality is a new feature coming soon to the Oculus app that will allow you to capture immersive mixed reality video directly from your smartphone without the need for any additional equipment or post-production. Similar to the Live Overlay feature introduced as part of update v29, Mobile Mixed Reality allows you to superimpose your real-world self over your game footage using your smartphone’s camera.

Unlike Live Overlay—which captures footage from your headset’s perspective—however, Mixed Mobile Reality lets you actually see yourself interacting with the in-game world. Instead of a simple POV, viewers see you moving realistically within your virtual environment from a third-person perspective. For those seeking a simple way to capture true mixed reality video without breaking the bank, Mobile Mixed Reality is a godsend. That said, the feature currently works on iOS devices only.


Earlier this year, Meta introduced Messenger support for Quest, allowing you to DM friends and family while in VR. However, Meta recognizes that a virtual keyboard may not be the most efficient way of communicating in-headset, which is why the company will begin rolling out support for Messenger Calling over the coming weeks. This will allow you to voice chat with friends on any Messenger-enabled platform directly from your headset, further streamlining the way we communicate in VR.

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Arguably the biggest announcement from today, cloud backup will allow you to save your in-game progress and settings off-headset. This has been a major talking point among Quest users who have been long requesting an additional way to secure their hard-earned achievements. At the moment, all data is saved directly to your headset, so if you misplace your device or perform a factory backup, you risk losing everything.

Cloud backup will allow you to save your progress and settings off-headset; even if you uninstall a game, you can simply re-download the app and pick up right where you left off. Developers will have the ability to opt out of cloud backup, though support will be enabled by default. According to Meta, this feature will roll out at a slower pace, so don’t freak out if you don’t see the option available right away.

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During Facebook Connect 2021, Meta announced custom workplaces for its VR coworking app Horizon Workrooms. Update v35 will finally make good on this promise, allowing you to inject a bit of style into your company’s virtual coworking space. To begin, you’ll have the ability to select from a variety of different Workrooms environments. You’ll also be able to upload your official company logo and hang virtual posters around the space.

“Our vision of the metaverse is a place created and customized by the people who use it, as unique and varied as any real-world location,” said the company in an official blog post. “We want you to find spaces you feel comfortable—or make them if they don’t exist. This is one step in that direction, the first of many, allowing companies to start building a work environment that reflects their company culture and style.”

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Introduced as part of update v26, the Multi-User feature allows you to share your precious Quest headset with others by creating multiple accounts. App Sharing, when enabled, takes the generosity even further by allowing the primary owner to share their collection of games and apps with other accounts on the headset.

Since its launch in February, Multi-User and App Sharing have been relegated to the ‘Experimental Features’ tab. Update v35 moves both of these features to your standard Quest settings. Beyond that, you should experience little to no change.

Wrapping things up we have the announcement of an official Public Test Channel. Those interested in testing Quest software before launch can sign up here. You’ll want to move quickly, however, as it’s first-come, first-serve.

For more information on all of today’s announcements check out the official blog post.

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