A VR Theme Park is Coming to Malaysia

When it comes to virtual reality theme parks, for the most part we’ve seen two companies blazing the way to bring multiplayer location-based VR to the masses.

The VOID has blown our minds with their Utah theme park and Ghostbuster’s experience in New York—and also announced in February a collaboration with China-based Shanda Group to build China’s first VR theme park. Then there is Australia-based Zero Latency, who has put thousands of consumers through their warehouse space in Melbourne and announced in June that they will be bring their multiplayer VR theme park to Japan in partnership with Sega’s amusement park division.

It’s still early days for VR theme parks, but there is consumer demand to experience VR in a way that is accessible, affordable and can be enjoyed with a large group of friends. We can only expect more companies to follow suit and many more “first VR theme parks” for countries around the world.

One of those countries that may get their first VR theme park next — Malaysia.

EXA Global is a Malaysian-based gaming company working towards bringing immersive VR gaming experiences to Southeast Asia. The company which has a licensing model for retailers, malls, cinemas and theme park operators has recently announced their upcoming plan to open the country’s first virtual reality attraction early next year.


According to a press release, the experience will have you free roaming around an empty space, with untethered VR headset/equipment, while you take on incoming attacks from critters with a group of other users in the space. From the sound of it, something very similar to what we have seen from multiplayer experiences by Zero Latency.


EXA Global is said to be developing their own games and hardware for the experience, with gameplay that includes up to four players. The VR theme park is expected to have three rooms dedicated to the multiplayer experience and the ability for players to track their progress over time, providing the ability for you to upgrade things like weapons and body armor if you so choose. A leading game company in Malaysia, Mediasoft, will be responsible for the content for the EXA Global VR theme park.


Not much else was revealed about the actual park or experience, but you can expect up to 60 minutes of playtime for around the price of RM75 or roughly $18 — not bad.

Image Credit: EXA Global

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