‘Ghostbusters: Dimension’ Trailer Shows The Power of The Void

The Void’s Ghostbuster experience is no joke, and this trailer is evidence.

Back in July I had the pleasure of testing out the brand new Ghostbusters: Dimension experience at the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in NYC. Ever since i’ve had an incredibly hard time describing just how amazing it was to friends and family. Only a handful of them have ever worn a VR headset. Honestly most of them haven’t even tried Google Cardboard. So trying to explain just how incredible and immersive it was to travel a full 3D space in VR with no restrictions was nearly impossible. Thank the virtual gods that the incredibly talented people at The Void have finally released a trailer that really does capture the magic of the experience.

The Void is an incredibly ingenious attraction that combines VR with real-life by mapping a custom virtual world and layering it over existing physical objects to give a deeper sense of immersion. That means that rickety, decayed door you see in front of you when you’re in VR is actually there in real life and it’s up to you to actually reach out and open it. Thanks to custom-designed VR backpacks, players are able to move wirelessly with complete freedom at much, much larger distances than the HTC Vive and it’s ‘room-scale’ tech. The result is an experience that is without doubt the most interactive and believable form of virtual reality currently open to the public.


This mixed reality trailer does a perfect job at portraying the incredible sensations Ghostbusters: Dimensions delivers, like blasting through a wall with a proton pack and actually walking getting to walk through it. Or chasing a ghost down a hallway into an old elevator that violently shakes as it descends to darker levels. The point is if you’re anywhere close to NYC this is a must-try. The Void was already a stellar accomplishment, but the merging between it and Ghostbusters has just taken the possibilities to a whole new level. Void founders have already spoken about their many conversations with other entertainment properties so I highly doubt they’ll stop at Ghostbusters. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a whole series of movie/television/video game-themed Void experiences in the near future.


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