‘Valheim’ VR Mod Now Supports Motion Controls

Everyone’s favorite Viking simulator can now be played in VR with support for VR motion controls, including Oculus Touch and Valve Index.

This past April, a modder going by the name of u/elliotttate on Reddit released a mod for Iron Gate Studio’s Valheim, introducing unofficial VR support to the popular Viking-themed co-op survival game—sort of.

The mod, entitled ‘Valheim Native VR Mode Beta’, allows you to experience the full game in immersive 6DoF room-scale VR using a SteamVR headset, including support for cross-play with non-VR players. Unfortunately, this version of the mod did not feature support for motion controls, meaning all in-game interactions outside of menu navigation needed to be handled using a standard gamepad or via a mouse and keyboard.

I say “this version” because this week, the creator returned with a new update that introduces motion control interactions, effectively turning the in-depth Viking RPG into a full-fledged VR game.

Available now via Nexusmods, this latest update adds full VRIK support, including individual finger movements depending on the controller. Instead of pushing a button, you can now engage with the in-game world using physical actions, resulting in more immersive VR gameplay. Harvesting wood in order to build a cabin? Grab an ax and start swinging. Fighting a handful of enemies from a distance? Grab your bow and pull back on the string to release an arrow.

“The Valheim mod received a HUGE update and now has full motion control support!” states u/ellittate in a post to Reddit. “The experience will continued to be refined and polished, but it now feels quite a bit more immersive and a lot more like a game built from the ground up for VR. Now is the time to jump in if you’re fans of survival games like the Forest or Subnautica or fans of games like Skyrim VR.”

The ‘Valheim Native VR Mode Beta’ is available now to all existing owners via the Nexus Mods website. For more information visit the project’s Discord.

Feature Image Credit: Iron Gate AB

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