‘Valheim’ Mod Lets You Slay Greydwarfs In VR

Experience the full game in 6DoF room-scale VR with support for cross-play.

Uber-popular Viking survival game Valheim now features support for 6DoF room-scale VR thanks to a new mod from creator Brandon Mousseau.

Revealed earlier today via Reddit, the ‘Valheim Native VR Mode Beta’ allows those with a SteamVR headset the chance to immersive themselves in developer Iron Gate Studio’s Viking-themed co-op survival game where they can play alongside both VR players and those on desktop.

At the time of this writing, the mod does not feature support for motion controllers outside of navigating the menu and must be played using a mouse and keyboard or controller. According to u/elliotttate, support for motion controllers is on the way.

For those out of the loop, Valheim is a cooperative Viking survival game in which players explore a procedurally generated world while exterminating evil creatures in the hopes of pleasing the Gods and gaining entry into Valhalla. Since launching on PC this past February, the game has exploded in popularity, due in large part to its detailed crafting system, addictive combat mechanics, and “nostalgic” graphics.

You can download the Valheim Native VR Mode Beta for free over at Nexusmods and GitHub. You will need a copy of Valheim in order to play, available for $19.99 via Steam.

For more information visit the Flatscreen to VR Modding Community on Discord.

Feature Image Credit: u/elliotttate

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