Skyrim VR Looks Even Better As A Comic Book

VR mods bring the popular VR game to life in a whole new light.

I know what you’re thinking: “another story about Skyrim? Really?” Bethesda’s seemingly unkillable fantasy RPG was first released back in 2011 for PC and consoles and has since been ported to every platform known to man, including VR. So what more could we possibly have to talk about?

Thanks to a combination of mods and texture packs, one user has managed to breathe new life into the immersive fantasy experience, transforming it into a colorful M-rated adventure with a comic book-style look-and-feel.

Earlier today,u/VanaheimRanger posted a video on Reddit showcasing their custom graphics setup. Apparently, the goal was to make Skyrim VR look as much like the game Borderlands as technologically possible.

Released back in 2009, the space Western RPG used a type of nonphotorealistic rendering called “cel shading,” aka “toon shading,” to achieve a comic book-style look unique from that of any other game at the time.

According to VanaheimRanger, the end result we see in the video took years to achieve and was accomplished using a combination of mods and texture packs.

Image Credit: u/VanaheimRanger via Reddit

To get this look, I installed Artistic Skyrim Overhaul – Paint Flavour and removed the character folder, then overwrote it with Kanjs – Borderlands Style Retexture Mega Pack and Total Character Makeover. Then I installed the VR version of Reshade and used the Borderlandfy2077.fx with another cel shading mod called Outline.fx (that I can’t seem to find a link for now, sadly. If anyone has the link please share.) and tweaked the settings on them a bit,” said VanaheimRanger in the same Reddit thread.

Image Credit: u/VanaheimRanger via Reddit

Other mods used include Locational Damage SKSE VRDungeons – Revisited, and Conduit – Short-term Weapon Infusions.

Skyrim VR is available now for $59.99 on PC VR and PlayStation VR.

Feature Image Credit: u/VanaheimRanger via Reddit

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