Attack On Titan Is Even More Terrifying In VR

Celebrate the final season with some good old-fashioned Titan-slaying.

When it comes to modern anime, there are few shows as well known as Attack on Titan. The popular Japanese animated series is currently in its fourth and final season, marking the end of a brutal nine-year journey for its unlucky protagonists.

Originally aired in 2013, the story follows a close group of childhood friends as they struggle to survive a nightmarish world inhabited by man-eating giants referred to as “Titans.” The show touches a variety of genres, from action-adventure to political thriller. Above all else, however, Attack on Titan is absolutely terrifying, and even more so in VR.

Available now on Quest headsets, Attack on Quest is the closest you’d want to get to battling an actual Titan. In this free-to-play VR game, you play a member of the legendary Scout Regiment and are tasked with disposing of Titan threats using your very own Omni-directional mobility gear (ODM).

Developed by humans to battle Titans, this unique equipment features piston-shot grappling hooks which allow the user to fight in a 3D space. Each Scout is also armed with a pair of plug-in blades perfect for killing Titans.

Image Credit: Mark via SideQuest

Using this equipment, you’ll navigate a variety of open-world environments based on memorable locations from the show. This includes iconic destinations such as the instantly-recognizable Shiganshina District to the spooky Utgard Keep. There’s also a Titan Forest to explore as well as a dedicated Training map.

Throughout each of these environments, you’ll fight everything from common, aka “Pure,” Titans to special enemies like the Female and Armored Titans using your ODM gear. Just remember to keep moving and aim for their napes, otherwise, you may find yourself on the main course of a Titan buffet. You’ll also want to keep an eye on your gas levels. These can be recharged at equipment stations located throughout each map.

Image Credit: Mark via SideQuest

A recent update added even more fun to the mix. This includes a new ranking system, ODM stunts, menu updates, and numerous other improvements.

If you’re nervous about going into battle alone, you can always team up with other Scouts via online multiplayer. Attack on Quest is currently available for free on Quest and PC VR headsets with support for cross-play.

Those playing on Quest will need to sideload the app onto their headsets in order to play. you can find more information on how to do this here.

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