Now You Can Pee Anywhere Thanks to VR

The VR experience we’ve all been waiting for.

We’ve all been there at some point, relieving ourselves after drinking five cups of coffee, and the boredom starts to set in — will this mundane activity ever end? Gee whiz. Well now you’ll never find yourself bored again when Mother Nature calls.

With Pee World VR, you can go virtually anywhere.


No more staring at the bland tile walls in the bathroom. Strap on your Google Cardboard headset or Gear VR and load up the Pee World VR app — and you’re ready to go. The VR app puts you in control of your immersive stream of bright yellow urine and the environment you decide to take care of business in.

You can pee in the Grand Canyon. Pee at a Trump rally. Or even pee in space!



Pee World VR was created by creative programmers Grant Thomas and Pablo Rochat. (Rochat also helped create that Mime Academy experience for Oculus Rift we covered back in April). Thomas and Rochat have been hoping to collaborate on a VR project for awhile, but after going through a long list of potential projects, Pee World VR “stood out as a clear winner” for the duo.

“The idea of improving and recreating normal activities with VR is both really exciting and really funny,” Thomas told VRScout. “Doing everyday stuff in VR is hard but there’s definitely potential for making mundane activities more fun and exciting with VR.”

Even though Thomas and Rochat are hoping Pee World VR will help improve sub-par bathroom moments for now in VR, they believe their pee experience can be used for a porta-potty scale installation, which would include projection mapped locales that “would bring a big improvement for usability and a lot of fun at events.”

Is this the killer VR app we’ve all been waiting for? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

But for now, i’m sure half of you are asking right now — where is the sitting version of Pee World VR?

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