YouTube Rolls Out ‘Room 301’ VR Series Just in Time for Halloween

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson invites YouTube creators to enter this haunted hotel.

The Rock is welcoming you to face your worst fear and experience Room 301 as part of YouTube’s latest horror-inspired VR series that launched this past week. The unlikely hotel concierge played by The Rock and YouTube Spaces around the world partnered with Blumhouse Productions and renowned producer Jason Blum for the project.

We previously reported on the series prior to going into production, that brought together 100 YouTube creators to capture their worst fear with Google Jump cameras on a terrifying cinematic set — a hotel room simply known as Room 301. Jump enables any creator to capture the world in 3D 360° video and make it available to everyone on YouTube.


YouTube Space LA played host to the “mega colab” opening video directed by Jesse Wellens from PrankVsPrank and starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The origin story opens the global narrative for the series and features some of YouTube’s biggest stars who receive a key to hotel Room 301 — also known as YouTube Purgatory — that inevitably leads you to experience their worst fears.

Among the other videos in the #Room301 series include one from Chachi Gonzales featuring creepy figures in mirrors, KrazyRayRay and ChloeCouture’s encounter with a masked man in a chainsaw and many more.

Speaking with VRScout on set during production, Gonzales shared how this was her first time shooting in 360° but enjoyed shooting the Room 301 experience over more traditional videos that may involve more cuts and angles that can interrupt her flow during dance performances. “I want nothing but [360 videos] in the future,” said Gonzales. “This is the future.”

Gonzales’ biggest fear and concept for her video was being scared of mirrors in the dark and the terrifying characters that you may imagine showing in reflections. You can watch her video below.

You can also check out all other #Room301 videos from your favorite YouTube creators in the official playlist here.

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