Oculus Touch Price, Release Date and New Content

The Oculus Touch motion controllers arrive December 6th and pre-orders begin October 10th.

Oculus’ biggest event of the year, Oculus Connect 3, kicked off Thursday morning with an opening keynote that revealed what’s next for the Facebook owned Oculus platform, as well as new content playable with Oculus Touch motion controllers.

Brendan Iribe took the stage to reveal that Oculus Touch will be available for pre-order on October 10th and will retail for $199. You can expect to get those long-awaited motion controllers on December 6th.

Iribe also announced the company will be selling Oculus Earphones to “create a deeper sense of presence” for $49. The Touch controllers will include a second camera sensor and will be capable to use for room-scale VR with the additional purchase of a third sensor for a retail price of $79.

After a delayed launch of Touch, we only knew that the motion controllers would ship some time in the latter half of 2016. Even though Oculus has stated the hardware was ready to ship on day one, the company decided to wait for a stronger software and content foundation.

Whether waiting for a stronger lineup of content before launching the Touch was the right decision, one thing is for sure, there was no shortage of new titles revealed at the developer’s conference.

Here are just some of the new VR game experiences revealed on Thursday.

We were able to demo a fair amount of the games revealed that support motion controllers, but there are a few notable annoucements worth mentioning.

Epic Games revealed on stage Robo Recall, the company’s new VR game that features over-the-top arcade action, satisfying combat and input designed for the new Oculus Touch controllers. Robo Recall is coming in early 2017 and will be free for all Oculus Rift owners. Robo Recall is Epic’s first fully-featured VR game and the spiritual successor to Bullet Train, the critically-acclaimed VR demo revealed at Oculus Connect 2.

Other Touch demos being shown at the conference included Arkitka.1 from 4A Games, the creators of Metro 2033. A serious new vision of the future that has you dual-wielding futuristic weapons and blasting through waves of creatures.

One possibly controversial addition is the announcement that Kingspray is coming to Oculus Touch. The graffiti simulator was supposed to make its way to Steam VR for the HTC Vive but was mysteriously delayed with the developers going radio silent. Some speculated that they decided to instead go with Oculus. When speaking with a developer during a demo session, their response was that waiting was the right choice to make feature updates and improvements to the game.

We’ll continue our reporting from Oculus Connect 3 and be sure to let us know what you’re most excited to demo on Touch?

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