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Epic Games Announces Robo Recall for Oculus Touch

Epic Games, creators of Unreal Tournament, have revealed a sneak peek of their newest title, Robo Recall, during Oculus Connect 3. Being offered as a free exclusive title for Oculus Rift utilizing the Oculus Touch hand controllers, the game will demonstrate clearly what a triple A title designed for VR should be.

People who are really deep in the VR scene will remember the awesome VR shooter, Bullet Train, presented during Oculus Connect 2 last year. Robo Recall is touted as the spiritual successor to Bullet Train. The Epic Games team has said Robo Recall is a sum of all the lessons they learned from Bullet Train and the fulfillment of features they wished could have been implemented, like new additions such as combo juggling, achievements and leaderboards.

VRScout had the chance to demo Robo Recall during Oculus’ developer conference. With similar control schemes to Bullet Train such as intuitive teleportation movement, akimbo pistol gunplay, and Unreal engine object physics applied to almost everything in the game, Robo Recall is a fluid and intense FPS experience that can be unforgiving to the non-attentive gamer. The action doesn’t let up for more than a few seconds.


Robots crawl at you from every nook and cranny like you were a fugitive escaping the US in the year 2099. The thing that is truly impressive about Robo Recall is the ability to solve murdering robots with multiple angles. A robot got too close to you? 5 fingers to the face! Using the touch controller, you can literally grab a robot, throw them into the air and disassemble them and throw their arm at another robot like some crazy Jacky Chan movie.  Bullets about to hit you? Enter into slow-mo and grab the bullets to throw right back at the enemy for a satisfying headshot. Of course, you can always grab your pistols from the side holsters and go Scarface on an entire fleet of crazy robots or find a loaded shot gun lying around on the floor. It makes sense in video game logic. Also, if that wasn’t enough, jump into a giant mech and start obliterating an entire battalion of robots with a giant LASER beam. Dr. Evil would be green with envy.

Robo Recall will be COMPLETELY FREE with the campaign gameplay lasting somewhere between three to four hours. The game will offer high replay-ability because first of all, it’s pretty awesome, but also with high score leaderboards reminiscent of the old arcade cabinets of the past.

Expect Robo Recall to hit digital shelves on the Oculus store sometime early 2017 and expect all your VR enthusiast friends to be nagging you to death about it.

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