Oculus Quest 2 – Your First Five Downloads

Five VR games and apps you need to download at launch.

The Oculus Quest 2 has finally arrived! Facebook’s new-and-improved standalone VR headset features 2k per eye resolution powered by a custom Snapdragon XR2 chipset, improved ergonomics, and new Touch controllers; all for $100 less than the original Oculus Quest.

Players have access to a massive catalog of AAA games and apps at launch thanks to the Oculus Quest Store, some of which have been improved specifically for Quest 2. So, we thought it’d be nice to break down some of our absolute must-haves based on our time with the headset this past week.

Here are FIVE Oculus Quest 2 games and apps you need to download right now:

Despite having released back in 2016, SUPERHOT VR remains one of the best VR games available on the Oculus Quest Store, especially after receiving a few additional touch-ups in anticipation of this new-and-improved standalone headset.

Fractal enemies now glow with light as they move throughout the virtual environment in slow-motion; body parts explode on contact, scattering tiny flickering shards across the room. Everything about SUPERHOT VR looks better on the Oculus Quest 2, earning its place on our list of launch day must-haves.

Following that, we have The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Originally released on PC VR headsets this past January, Skydance Interactive’s massive open-world experience has finally made its way to Quest headsets, offering one of the most satisfying as well as gruesome RPG experiences available in VR.

You can loot for supplies, craft unique weapons, team up with or take down rival human factions, and, of course, mow down waves of flesh-hungry undead. You’ll spend hours scouring the chewed-up remains of post-apocalyptic New Orleans. Each day presents new challenges as supplies dwindle and the number of dead begin to rise. Add what could easily be considered some of the most satisfying melee combat featured in a VR game, and you have one of the best immersive RPG experiences available on Oculus Quest 2.

Next, we have Virtual Desktop. This handy little app allows you to stream up to 4 desktop PC wirelessly to your Quest 2 headset. You can access your web browser, play PC games using a keyboard and mouse or USB controller, or just kick-back and enjoy your favorite films and TV shows.

The app features numerous virtual environments in which to access your desktop, from a nostalgia-inducing bedroom to a private movie theater. Those with a powerful-enough PC can even stream PC VR games to their headset in real-time; no Oculus Link capable required.

Moving on there’s Blaston! by Resolution Games. Released earlier this month on Quest, this VR dueling experience pits players against one another in competitive 1v1 duels. Each competitor has access to a variety of unique weaponry capable of shooting projectiles of different speeds and shapes.

Taking home the win means staying light on your feet as you dodge projectiles while taking aim at your foe. When you’re not staring at the colorful particle effects, you’ll be cursing loudly at your foe in this intense competitive experience. Those looking for an additional edge will definitely want to check out or tips & tricks video listed above.

Finally, we have Beat Saber. Look, if you’re even remotely interested in VR, than odds are you’re well aware of this uber-popular VR rhythm game. With the arrival of the Quest 2, however, comes a brand new multiplayer game mode that pits five players against one another in a musical battle to the death.

Beat Games has also done a phenomenal job providing a regular stream of music packs, partnering with major acts such as Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons. With the right downloads, you can even access a growing catalog of user-created levels based on hundreds of unlicensed songs.

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