Hulu has Arrived for Samsung Gear VR

Watch 360° videos and the entire Hulu catalog from your virtual Hulu living room.

Hulu has jumped into the virtual reality game with the launch of their first VR app now available in the Gear VR Oculus store.

Back in October, the streaming service announced they would be releasing an app for the Samsung Gear VR headset but ended up delaying the release to improve navigation and integration of VR videos among Hulu’s traditional library of content.


Hulu’s Gear VR app includes close to 30 360-degree videos from Discovery Communications, Baobab Studios, National Geographic Channel, RYOT, Showtime Networks, Viacom and others. Although the majority of the VR content is not exclusive to the app, Hulu will have exclusive VR content on tap from Freddie Wong’s RocketJump, National Geographic, and premiere videos from SilVR Thread and Studio Transcendent according to Variety.

Hulu’s first original VR short film from Freddie Wong’s RocketJump studio is titled “The Big One,” which was produced by Lionsgate in conjunction with RocketJump and VR studio Wevr.

The good news for Gear VR owners is that all the Hulu content will be made available for free to users, with or without a Hulu Plus subscription for now. Disappointing news is that it doesn’t appear you can watch episodes of Seinfeld in a virtual Seinfeld apartment like Hulu teased in their initial announcement last year.

Hulu isn’t the first streaming video service to jump in to VR. Netflix launched an app for Gear VR last Fall but only gives users access to its regular catalog of content without any 360-degree video content so far.

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