Gear VR Fishing Never Looked So Beautiful

With all the intense space shooters and complicated puzzle-games that make their way to Samsung’s Gear VR, sometimes you just want to play a game that lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy at your own pace.

That’s where Resolution Games’ new VR fishing game, Bait!, which is now available on the Oculus Store for Gear VR, might be just the relaxing gameplay environment that players of all kinds can enjoy.

The struggle for demoing Gear VR games, especially for someone like my Mom who only plays Candy Crush, is finding an experience that is calmly paced, beautiful, and easy to pick up.


Bait! is one of those pleasant games for everyone. In the game, you start off at a serene Florida fishing hole with beautiful landscapes all around. Look down and you can see through the clear water and plethora of fishing swimming below. Your objective for the game is simple and straightforward – catch fish. Bait! uses a one-button control on the Gear VR to cast your line and reel in fish. You must be careful not to break the line and pay attention to a tension meter displayed, but otherwise it is pretty simple.

Some might consider this boring, but fishing in reality is not an action packed activity either. People enjoy fishing for the relaxing and slow paced experience that it is, with sporadic thrills of bringing in a catch.


“Like all of our games, the aim of Bait! is to provide perfect content for those new to VR while also providing the sort of compelling and quality gameplay that keeps the most avid gamer, VR enthusiasts and in this case, anglers, hooked for hours,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games. “The Resolution Games team are not only seasoned games industry veterans, but also passionate fishing enthusiasts. And, fishing is something everyone can connect with, which is why Bait! made so much sense to be our first major game project.”

Tommy Palm who is credited for helping create one of the most popular mobile games on the planet, Candy Crush Saga, left his position at King Digital Entertainment in early 2015 to focus on VR game development with his new startup Resolution Games. The first Gear VR title out of the Stockholm-based studio was Solitaire Jester in mid-2015, which was a visually rich and relaxing solitaire game for VR.

Bait! is free and available now for Samsung Gear VR users in the Oculus VR Store. In the coming months, Resolution Games will be announcing localized versions of Bait! for audiences across Europe, Latin America and Asia including China, Korea and Japan. For more information go to

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