Ghostbusters VR Game Lets You Drive The Iconic Ectomobile

Sony’s two-story location-based VR experience features an immersive vehicle motion simulator and virtual proton packs.

Yesterday, Sony unveiled yet another location-based VR experience based on the legendary Ghostbusters franchise. Arriving later this year at Hologate VR arcades, Ghostbusters VR Academy will have you and your friends going toe-to-toe with all manner of supernatural entities in a multifaceted VR experience designed to turn you into an official Ghostbuster.

The experience is composed of two game modes powered by Hologate’s ARENA and BLITZ platforms respectively. In ARENA mode, you’ll strap on a proton pack and face a variety of “high-risk ghost encounter scenarios” in an effort to protect the academy grounds. Based on the images provided, it appears as though Hologate is using both the Valve Index as well as The HTC Vive Pro in combination with the company’s custom VR weapon peripherals to immerse players in their location-based experience.

The experience described sounds somewhat similar to Ghostbusters Dimensions, another location-based Ghostbusters VR game released by The VOID back in 2016. Where Ghostbusters VR Academy sets itself apart, however, is with its vehicle motion simulator.

Powered by Hologate’s BLITZ platform, the driving portion of the experience puts you behind the wheel of a prototype Ectomobile (ECTO vehicle) redesigned for flight. Whereas ARENA mode has you working together with teammates against a ghostly onslaught, BLITZ has you racing against one another for the fastest times. Hologate’s vehicle motion simulator is capable of simulating a variety of land, sea, and air-based vehicles thanks to a combination of single-axis (racing) and dual-axis (flying) modes.

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is all about making wishes come true. Ghostbusters VR Academy, the new location-based VR training experience, will continue to expand the world of Ghostbusters in a way that honors the legacy of the franchise and offers something entirely new,” said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“For the first time ever, players will be able to train to be a real Ghostbuster in an amazing academy setting and race a new flying version of the ECTO using HOLOGATE’s vehicle motion simulator. This fantasy fulfilling experience is only possible in virtual reality and with HOLOGATE’s location-based entertainment technology.”

“Sony Pictures VR is doing incredible things for virtual reality, and we’re thrilled to collaborate for this new experience,” added Leif Petersen, CEO and Hologate founder. “Ghostbusters VR Academy is a natural fit for HOLOGATE’s ARENA and BLITZ platforms. It transcends reality so players can create memorable moments while fulfilling longtime wishes to operate iconic Ghostbusters equipment. We can’t wait for players to step inside this world.”

Published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR) and developed by Hologate, Ghostbusters VR Academy will be available at over 400 Hologate locations around the world. For more information visit

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures Industries

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