Lionsgate Announces ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s VR’ For All Major Headsets

The infamous survival horror title arrives on PSVR, Oculus, and SteamVR this April.

Much like the haunted animatronics lurking throughout the halls of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, 2014’s Five Nights at Freddy’s is a seemingly unkillable entity. Since its launch, the point-and-click survival horror game has spawned five major sequels, two spin-off titles, and three novel adaptations. In 2017, horror-experts Blumhouse Productions went so far as to acquire the rights for an official film adaption.

Now, Scottgames is bringing its critically-acclaimed franchise to VR with Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted for the Playstation VR, Oculus, SteamVR, and HTC Vive.

Available this coming April, the brand new Five Nights at Freddy’s experience introduces the franchise to VR headsets for the first time, promising to bring with it all the addictive scares you fell in love nearly five years ago.

This time, however, players will be faced with a whole new level of challenges as they use their motion controllers–PSVR users can also use their Dualshock 4–to pick up items in the repair games, solve puzzles, operate the video switcher, and use their flashlight so they can better see the terrifying animatronic monstrosities creeping towards them. This latest iteration also brings with it collectibles, such as plushies, bobbleheads, action figures, etc., which they can actually play with at the prize counter.

“I’m incredibly excited to bring Five Nights at Freddy’s to virtual reality and give fans a new way to experience the franchise,” said Scott Cawthon, founder of Scottgames. 

“We are huge fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s and also recognize the original games’ design is perfectly suited for virtual reality. The title is an impeccable piece of video game mastery,” added Creative Director and Co-Founder of Steel Wool Games. “We’re thrilled Scottgames and Lionsgate chose us to lead the development of this project as it’s a game we’ve idolized.”

“For as long as we have been talking about virtual reality here at Lionsgate, we’ve dreamed of helping bring Five Nights at Freddy’s to VR,” said Daniel Engelhardt, Senior Vice President of Interactive Ventures & Games at Lionsgate. “The original games are tailor-made for VR. It’s a beloved franchise.”

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted arrives on major VR headsets this April. No word yet on a specific date or price.

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