VRChat, Rec Room, Vacation Simulator Confirmed For Oculus Quest

Oculus teases a new heap of Quest launch titles ahead of PAX East.

As part of their ongoing ‘Quest Countdown’ campaign, Oculus is in full hype mode as the company continues to reveal new launch titles for their upcoming Oculus Quest standalone headset. We just learned at this years GDC that the immensely popular rhythm game Beat Saber will be available this spring, as well as Dead and Buried II, a cross-platform follow-up to the 2016 competitive shooter for the Oculus Rift.

With PAX East set to kick-off tomorrow in Boston, Massachusetts, Oculus appears to be taking advantage of the calm before the storm and teasing a brand new selection of Oculus Quest games players can expect at launch sometime this spring.

In a new sizzle real released earlier today by Oculus Gaming, we’re given a brief look at an assortment of new Quest titles; all of which confirmed to be downloadable “on launch day” according to Road to VR. During the 1-minute 36-second teaser, gameplay of both Owlchemy’s Labs’ Vacation Simulator and Creed: Rise to Glory are featured prominently, alongside brief flashes of popular titles such as Angry Birds VR, Drop Dead, Eleven Table Tennis, Fruit Ninja, Job Simulator, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Rush VR, and Ultrawings.

Several developers have also joined in on the hype train, offering some exciting reveals of their own. In a tweet posted by developer Against Gravity earlier today, the company revealed that their popular social platform, Rec Room, would be available for free on the standalone device at launch, bringing with it a stellar line-up of AAA minigames and social functionality.

Viral sensation VRChat will be making its way to the Oculus Quest as well, offering users a — well — slightly “less structured” social experience than the one offered by Rec Room. No word yet on how avatar customization or world-building will be handled.

Fast Travel Games will also be jumping into the fray with a Quest version of their popular story-driven action adventure game, Apex Construct.

With Oculus’ Quest Countdown still in full swing, the odds are high we can expect even more Quest-related gaming news leading up to the headset’s release this Spring.

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