Doom VR Mod Brings Animal Crossing’s Isabelle To Oculus Quest

Upgrade your demon-killing adventures with this cuddly murder companion.

This past March marked the launch of both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom: Eternal, too wildly different games supported by two equally different player bases. Thanks to a shared release date, however, the communities have since banded together to form one of the most adorable fan art trends in recent memory.

Now you’ll soon have the chance to slay demons side-by-side with the adorable Resident Services representative as part of a new update for DrBeef’s QuestZDoom for the Oculus Quest. Available now via SideQuest, QuestZDoom is an engine port capable of running classic Doom titles in 6DoF VR with support for Touch controllers, so long as you legally own a copy of the game. Using the QuestZDoom launcher you can then install a variety of modifications, environments, and texture packs to enhance your experience.

Yesterday’s update also paves the way for future essential mods, including an upcoming AI companion based off Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Isabelle. In a video posted to Reddit, the humanoid Shih Tzu can be seen ripping and tearing demons alongside the player, using both the iconic double-barrel shotgun as well as her own canine teeth. Though it’s not shown in the clip provided, the uploader of the video, VR_Bummser, claims that Isabelle will begin to cry when the player is killed and drown will her sorrows with a bottle. She will also toss the player ammo throughout each mission, similar to Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

A full list of today’s updates can be found below:

  • Updated to LZDoom 3.85 – This brings compatibility with many mods that require GZDoom 4.3 or later. Please note that many mods still have incompatible shader code as are as Android is concerned, so if a mod runs on your windows machine on LZDoom 3.85, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll run on QuestZDoom
  • Fixed issue where multi-projectile weapons (like the shotgun) fired all the shot in a single flat line, which was quite frankly just weird and I’m surprised no-one commented on it!
  • Changed player movement to have no acceleration/momentum.. this is consistent with most VR games (including all the other DrBeef ports), this can be reverted back to the old functionality in the VR Options menu
  • Ability to bind a key to “cinema mode” (big screen mode, some mods might require it)
  • Prevent crosshair from ever being drawn (makes no sense)

In order to get started, you’ll need to sideload both QuestZDoom and the QuestZDoom Launcher to the Oculus Quest via SideQuest. You’ll then need to copy the WAD files from your official Doom purchases to the newly-created Doom folder on your Quest headset. Official installation instructions can be found here.

According to VR_Bummser, the Isabelle companion mod will soon be added to the launcher for auto install.

Image Credit: The Chalkeaters, DrBeef, VR_Bummser

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