Virtual Aquarium Brings Children’s Aquatic Art To Life

Visitors can design custom sea creatures and feed their digital creations.

Next-generation art collective teamLab is on a mission to blend the worlds of technology, art, science, design, and nature. The company is responsible for a wide range of jaw-dropping interactive digital installations, many of which featuring a heavy focus on projection mapping technology. This includes everything from interactive audiovisual light galleries to digital hopscotch.

One such project, Sketch Aquarium, is making waves online (no pun intended) by allowing visitors the chance to design and interact with their own custom sea creatures via a towering digital aquarium. Available now at select locations around the globe, this groundbreaking interactive experience begins with kids—or kids at heart—designing and coloring their very own sea creatures, from fish and jellyfish to squids, octopi, seahorses, and everything in between.

Visitors then use a special machine to scan their masterpiece into the digital aquarium. Some locations feature an additional piping system, allowing visitors the chance to watch their 2D image transform into an animated work of art. Once scanned, sea critters are projected onto a massive virtual aquarium powered by projection mapping technology. Here, visitors can interact with their digital creations by tapping on the glass or feeding them virtual fish food.

Sketch Aquarium is currently available at the following locations:

  • Art Science Museum – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • Lalaport Fujimi – Fujumi, Saitama
  • OGR – Officine Grandi, Riparazioni [Temporarily Closed]
  • Oli Oli’s Children’s Museum, Dubai
  • ENNOVA Art Museum – Langfang, Hebei
  • Vero Beach Museum – Vero Beach, Florida [Temporarily Closed]
  • Wonders of Wildlife – Springfield Missouri
  • The New Children’s Museum – San Diego, California [Temporarily Closed]
  • Miami Children’s Museum – Miami, Florida [Temporarily Closed]
  • The Scientific Center – Al Blajat St, Salmiya [Temporarily Closed]
  • The Magic House (St. Louis Children’s Museum) – St. Louis, Missouri [Temporarily Closed]
  • Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum of Albuquerque, New Mexico [Temporarily Closed]
  • A+Eduplay (Shenzhen) – Futian, Shenzhen [Temporarily Closed]
  • A+Eduplay (Shanghai) – Changning, Shanghai [Temporarily Closed]
  • Shanghai Green & Safe Le Petit – Lujiazui West Road, Shanghai [Temporarily Closed]

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Image Credit: teamLab

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