Pro Putt By Topgolf Brings Realistic VR Golfing To The Oculus Quest

Tiger Woods meets Mario Golf in Pro Putt by Topgolf on Oculus Quest.

I’m terrible at golf. Perhaps it’s my lack of patience or strong dislike of polyester golf pants. Thankfully, Pro Putt by Topgolf bypasses all my least favorite aspects of the ancient sport, allowing me to hop straight into the action from the comfort of my living room; no $60 golf cleats or monthly club membership required.

Available now on Oculus Quest for $19.99, Pro Putt by Topgolf offers players a VR enhanced immersive golfing experience complete with three gorgeous 9-hole courses (Beach, Desert, Forest), a 10,000 square foot practice green, multiplayer functionality, and a variety of other game modes and customizations.

Developed by Golf Scope Inc in partnership with Topgolf Media, a division of global sports and entertainment leader Topgolf Entertainment Group, Pro Putt includes four fan-favorite Topgolf games—Topgolf Classic, Top Pressure, Quick 9, and Quick 9 Pro—all of which powered by Golfscope and Simply Putting technology.

The result is a relaxing VR putting experience that perfectly blends realistic golf swing mechanics with the immersive capabilities of VR technology. Using a single Touch controller, you can practice your swings before making your final putt; by squeezing the grip input, you’ll activate a visual overlay outlining the best route for each course. By pushing down on your right analog stick you’ll enter Giant Mode, offering a better perspective of the course so you may better plan your shots; you can also push up to teleport throughout your immediate environment.

“Topgolf has done an incredible thing for golf. It has made it fun and approachable and introduced the game to a lot of people that wouldn’t otherwise be interested. We’re hoping Pro Putt helps even more people find the fun in golf,” said Ryan Engle, Golf Scope Founder and CEO. “My dad and I used to play golf every weekend growing up, but recently we’ve been playing Pro Putt. We’ve been surprised and amazed by the richness of the shared experience in VR, especially now.”

These courses can be completed solo or with a friend. Those looking to beef up their skills before hopping into a head-to-head match may want to stop by the Topgolf Putt Lounge. Here you can work on your putting in a closed environment using a colorful targeting system.

Don’t let the simplistic visuals and basic control scheme fool you, this VR golf simulator is chock full of content that will keep you coming back for more. In the future, I’d love to see more fantastical environments and obstacles akin to classic mini-golf courses. While the three environments included as part of the base game are well-crafted, they can get a bit monotonous after a few holes.

“We are constantly looking for innovative ways to introduce the game of golf to people, so we are thrilled to partner with Golf Scope to launch the Pro Putt game,” said President of Topgolf Media, YuChiang Cheng. “This is the perfect time to virtually connect people together, and we are looking forward to creating new and unique ways to enter the virtual reality gaming space.”

Pro Putt Golf is available now on Oculus Quest for $19.99.

Image Credit: Golfscope / Topgolf Media

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