New Details About ‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ On Oculus Quest 2

Facebook offers a closer look at the legendary action/horror game redesigned for Oculus Quest headsets.

When Resident Evil debuted on the original PlayStation console it changed the way we looked at video games. Now, 25 years later, one of the most popular chapters of the series is heading to VR. Last week it was announced that Capcom had partnered with Oculus Studios and Armature Studios to bring Resident Evil 4 to the Quest 2 headset. Today, we received additional details regarding this VR adaptation as part of the Oculus Gaming Showcase.

In Resident Evil 4, you play Leon Kennedy, an American Federal Agent currently employed by the Division of Security Operations (D.S.O.). Your mission: rescue the President’s daughter from a psychotic cult of parasidic zombie.

In terms of gameplay, Resident Evil 4 VR is extremely similar to the original, but with a few tweaks designed specifically with VR in mind. It was important for the developers to keep the classic console feel of Resident Evil 4 when porting it into VR. Moving your character, for instance, is done using the analog stick on your Touch controller, similar to a conventional gamepad. There’s also teleportation for those prone to motion sickness, a feature included specifically for VR users.

Image Credit: GameTrailers

In terms of item management, your menu now serves as an interactive tool. Switching weapons is done by reaching down and grabbing them off your body, similar to Boneworks, Onward, and other VR shooters. Your controllers allow you to fully interact as well as specific objects, such as keys, ammunition, or and clues. Just be sure you don’t accidentally drop your ammo in the heat of combat.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without the spooky sound effects. Resident Evil 4 VR takes it a step further with spatial audio. Keep your eyes and your ears ready, because you never know when you might b attacked.

Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

Under the hood, Capcom and Armature Studios did everything they could to preserve the original game while delivering a comfortable in-headset experience. Animations from the original are untouched and the cut scenes will all be presented in original format. Resident Evil 4 VR wil run at a higher frame rate, and textures have been repainted to deliver full immersion. 

After two years of development, Resident Evil 4 VR launches on Oculus Quest 2 headsets later this year.

Feature Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

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