You Can Now Play The Original Far Cry In VR With Motion Controls

The 2004 classic looks better than ever in VR.

Crytek’s first-person shooter Far Cry can now be played in VR with motion controls thanks to a third-party mod from German developer Holger Frydrych. You may remember Frydrych for his work on the popular Half-Life 2 VR Mod, which lets you experience Valve’s iconic action shooter in 6DoF (six-degrees-of-freedom) VR.

While still a work in progress, Far Cry VR v0.5 allows you to play the entire game from start to finish using your motion controllers. This includes the ability to stabilize your weapon by holding it with two hands as well as physically swing your machete. The mod also supports room-scale VR, allowing you to physically move throughout the virtual jungle for a more realistic experience.

There’s even left-hand support and a seated mode for a more casual (but still plenty violent) experience.

Credit: Crytek

Far Cry VR v0.5 is available to download for free via GitHub. That said, you will need to own the original game in order to play in VR. Thankfully, you can pick up a copy from Steam and GoG for just $9.99.

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Feature Image Credit: Crytek, Holger Frydrych

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