Weekend Downloads: New Content on Gear VR

Weekend Downloads is part of our weekly update to bring you the latest additions to the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. This weekend there’s a variety of Gear VR content to check out, everything from sailing the high seas, piloting star fighters or even hitting the night scene with deadmau5.

There’s a little something for everyone to check out this week!

This Week’s New Gear VR and Oculus Rift Content (7/30/16)



Heroes of the Seven Seas ($4.99 – Gear VR)
Enter the world of a 16th-century pirate’s journal. As a pirate in search of the legendary Seven Seas Artifacts, you will sail to the mysterious sea with friends, where your adventure begins! Fight the navy, other pirates, and monsters from the sea. Enhance your capabilities by upgrading your ship, including the hull, sail, and broadside guns. Trade with merchants on different islands to explore and hunt for hidden treasures. This is a real adventure – an adventure in the vast and unknown seas of VR.


Cabbage Harvest ($0.99 – Gear VR)
Train your brain with this puzzle-style farming simulator. Your task is to harvest as many cabbages as possible while avoiding your enemy Bernie the worm. Each successfully harvested cabbage earns you money. After clearing a cabbage patch, plant a new one. You are able to plant as many cabbage patches as you wish, but as soon as you encounter Bernie the season ends and you have to start over. Higher risk cabbage patches reward you with greater revenue.


Absolut deadmau5 Hanging With Fans Scene

Absolut deadmau5 (FREE – Gear VR / Oculus Rift)
Absolut unveils a new chapter in Absolut Nights. Go on an unforgettable night out with deadmau5, from his studio to the club, featuring exclusive music from the artist. The VR experience invites you to join the artist on an “epic night out” in his own virtual world, letting you guide a virtual deadmau5 from his actual studio, through various obstacles and surprises, before culminating in a live performance of his exclusive new track, “Saved.”


Immersive Combat (FREE – Gear VR)
Spherica introduces the their Immersive Combat action series in 360 VR. Place yourself in the heart of the action where fantasy meets reality for a pure, uncompromised VR experience. Vikings and pirates, steampunk and cyberpunk – immerse yourself in the battle with world champions in Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Medieval Combat.



Starfighter Arduxim (FREE – Gear VR)
Strap into the cockpit of your Arduxim starfighter and take on enemy starships in this first-person tactical space shooter. This demo contains a tutorial, practice mode, cut-down survival mode and the first three missions of the campaign. The full game contains a twelve mission campaign, multiplayer, an expanded survival mode, more types of enemies, more environments and more weapons. Requires a gamepad and controls are fully customizable.


Watch Real Madrid vs. Chelsea Live With Gear VR

NextVR and Relevant Sports are broadcasting the 2016 International Champions Cup (ICC), a preseason tournament between some of Europe’s top clubs. Using the NextVR app you can watch Real Madrid vs Chelsea at Michigan Stadium Jul 30th at 3pm ET.

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