Medieval VR Rogue-Lite ‘In Death: Unchained’ Announced For Oculus Quest

Battle waves of forsaken souls across procedurally generated levels through heaven and hell.

Released back in 2018 for SteamVR headsets, Sólfar Studios‘ VR rogue-lite shooter In Death made a surprise appearance during yesterday’s UploadVR Summer Showcase in the form of In Death: Unchained.

For those unfamiliar with the highly-addicting fantasy combat game, In Death has you battling waves of forsaken souls, fallen angels, and horrifying demons in high-stakes ranged combat across a series of fantastical environments. Procedurally generated map layouts add an immense amount of replayability to the experience, as do the in-game modifiers, special abilities, bow upgrades, and randomized enemy and loot spawn locations.

Brought to us by award-winning creative technology studio Superbright, In Death: Afterlife offers an enhanced version of the 2018 original, including new content and additional gameplay improvements designed to take better advantage of the freedom-of-movement afforded by the untethered Oculus Quest.

Whether you’re raining down a sea of arrows on ferocious demons, using your shield to block both ranged and melee attacks, or dodging and weaving around enemy arrows, In Death has you constantly on your toes thanks to dynamic game balancing which automatically adjusts the games’ difficulty to match your personal skill level.; the better you perform, the tougher the game becomes. You’ll will have access to a variety of locomotion options as they navigate throughout the afterlife, including one-handed teleportation, standard free movement, and unique arrow-based teleportation. Along the way you’ll find hidden loot which can be used to upgrade your bow with special abilities and other modifiers.

Personally, I’m thrilled to see the In Death experience make it’s way to a brand new audience on Oculus Quest. The procedurally generated levels and randomized enemy and loots spawns keep the game feeling fresh after hours of play, and the finely-tuned ranged combat offers some of the most satisfying VR archery mechanics currently available in-headset. No doubt the unethered capabilities of the Oculus Quest will only improve upon the existing experience, allowing us to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge with zero resistance.

In Death: Unchained (oh my god, I just got it) launches this July exclusively on Oculus Quest.

Image Credit: Superbright

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