Admix Raises $7M To Develop ‘Non-Intrusive’ Ads For VR & AR

Keep a look out for virtual billboards advertising your favorite products.

Thanks in large part to the growing demand for social and mobile gaming, in-game advertising is on a monumental rise. The ability to seamlessly integrate real-world promotional content into an interactive game experience—whether it be an in-game billboard, commercial, or cutscene—offers advertisers the chance to showcase specific products and services in a less intrusive manner that doesn’t break the players immersion.

First reported by TechCrunch, London-based ad-tech start-up Admix announced yesterday that the company had raised an impressive $7 million as part of a Series A funding round. This additional funding will go directly towards the ongoing development of the startups proprietary in-game advertising platform, which forgoes the ad agency model in favor of a traditional ad-buying format in which companies can big programmatically.

Using the companies custom Unity and Unreal-compatible SDK, game developers can easily drag-and-drop ad-ready billboards, posters, and signs into everything from simple 2D games to complex VR and AR experiences. In the promotional video provided above, one developer claims that he and his team were able to integrate Admix into their game in just 30 minutes.

“The concept of putting ads in games is obviously not new, but the scalability of our solution is what is revolutionary, delivering instant and consistent revenue to game makers, or streaming platforms,” said Admix CEO Samuel Huber while speaking to TechCrunch. “This coupled with the fact that 1.5B people play games globally every day, means that gaming is becoming a truly mainstream advertising channel.”

Admix says it’s currently working alongside 200 developers on campaigns from over 500 advertisers per month, including National Geographic, State Farm, and Uber. Those interested in learning more about Admix’s non-intrusive advertising model visit

This most recent round of funding was spearheaded by Force Over Mass, with additional support by Speedinvest and Sure Valley Ventures; both of which having provided funding during Admix’s $2.1M funding round back in 2018.

Image Credit: Admix

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