VR Rhythm Game Immerses You In A Violent Crime Drama

Slice, stab, and shoot your way through the streets of 1930s NYC in this ultra-violent take on the VR rhythm game genre.

Moscow-based developer Joy Way (STRIDE, Time Hacker) today revealed the first trailer for its upcoming VR rhythm game AGAINST.

Inspired by crime noir dramas, this fast-paced VR fighting game will have you battling black-clad Mafioso forces through the crime-ridden streets of 1930’s New York City to the beat of an intense electronic soundtrack. Similar to games like Pistol Whip, another weapon-based VR rhythm game, AGAINST is all about rhythm and timing as you stab and shoot your way through a never-ending wave of enemies; both human and supernatural.

Based on the footage provided, it looks like you’ll have access to an arsenal of back alley weaponry, from a razor-sharp katana to a crippling revolver pistol.

Image Credit: Joy Way

In addition to dodging attacks and various environmental obstructions, it appears as though you’ll have the ability to jump and wall-run during specific portions of the map; an interesting feature we’ve yet to see implemented in existing VR rhythm games.

According to an official release, AGAINST will feature a total of 10 music tracks, three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard), and a final boss challenge when the game launches on SteamVR headsets in Q3 2021. Plans for release on other platforms are currently in the works.

Image Credit: Joy Way

Those interested can sign up for a chance to join the closed beta happening April 10th – 13th.

For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Joy Way

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