VideoStitch Wants to Make 360° Livestreaming Easier

Pre-orders begin today for their 4K 360° livestreaming camera.

VideoStitch is hoping to make 360° livestreaming more accessible to consumers and professionals alike with their Orah 4i all-in-one 4K camera. Available for pre-order today, the company is hoping to remove many of the live VR video production pain points and help professionals create content more affordably with this 4 lens camera that will be available in the Summer.

According to their latest trailer, the Orah 4i camera is expected to be a single plug-and-go camera designed for high-quality livestreaming to online video platforms and VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR.

VideoStitch is no stranger to the challenges of VR video production, having already developed a suite of software that is used by VR creators during post-production.

How much will the camera set you back? VideoStitch announced that for a limited time, the camera will be priced at $1,795 USD, a discount from the suggested retail price of $3,595.

Yes, close to $1,800 can be a hefty price-tag for many, but considering some current options like a six GoPro camera rig that isn’t specifically setup for 360° livestreaming video capture and can cost more than double that of the Orah 4i, VideoStitch might have found a new market for themselves.


“Until today, a live VR video production workflow relied on an array of small cameras put together on a holder. Videographers then dealt with multiple cables, power supplies and a variety of small hardware components,” said Nicolas Burtey, CEO and founder of VideoStitch. “We have developed a solution that streams 4K resolution live virtual reality video to headsets–all with the push of a button.”


Although VideoStitch hopes to provide all the tools necessary from camera to software suite to get creators started livestreaming immersive video, there are currently few options where viewers can actually watch 360° live video content. But considering the rumors that YouTube and Facebook will soon allow 360° livestreaming video broadcasting on their platforms, an all-in-one camera solution like the Orah 4i may hit the market just in time.


VideoStitch is based out of Paris, France, and headquartered in Sunnyvale California with a team of 32 across San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris.

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