This VR Submarine Simulator Takes You Back To WWII

Explore the open ocean on your own or team up with friends and hunt down enemy vessels together.

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf is an upcoming submarine simulator that looks as fun as it does claustrophobic. Coming soon to VR headsets, this tactical role-playing game immerses you in the role of a seasoned submarine captain during World War II.

As commander, it’s up to you to not only steer the vessel but maintain its systems by attending to any malfunctions, from damage and water leaks to various pressure issues. As you travel from port to port you’ll search for enemy vessels via periscope, destroy enemy aircraft with your anti-aircraft gun, and launch torpedo attacks against hostile vessels.

According to developer Titan GameZ, UBOAT: The Silent Wolf will feature a number of game modes at launch:

  • Story Campaign – Immerse yourself in an engrossing single-player story set during World War II.
  • Co-Op Mode – Team up with three other crewmembers and hunt down enemy vessels together.
  • Free-Roam Mode – Explore the ocean at your leisure while completing various “surprises” scattered about.

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf is a true gem for history enthusiasts and military aficionados! In this game,
you’ll have a unique opportunity to face the difficulties and challenges of historical sea battles,” said Titan GameZ in an official release.

Credit: Titan GameZ

“Encounter legendary foes such as the mighty USS Bogue, the fearless Dido, or the lightning-fast Bristol Beaufighter,” the company added. “With the meticulous representation of these vessels, you’ll be transported directly to the forefront of the greatest armed conflict in history!”

UBOAT: The Silent Wolf is “coming soon” to Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro followed by PC VR headsets via SteamVR. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Titan GameZ

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