Among Us VR’s ‘Polus Point’ Map Arrives Next Month

Don’t forget to pack a warm jacket.

Developer Schell Games today revealed that Among Us VR—the VR version of Innersloth’s popular social deduction game—will be receiving a new map next month as part of a free update for existing players.

Originally released this past November on Meta Quest, Rift, and PC VR headsets, Among Us VR tasks players with working together to repair an interstellar spaceship by completing a series of tasks. That is unless you’re playing as one of the imposters, in which case it’s your job to secretly impede the group’s efforts by sabotaging the ship or murdering other players.

Next month, players can navigate a brand new map called ‘Polus Point.’ Inspired by Polus, an ice-covered planet from the original Among Us game, this latest map promises its own set of unique challenges to overcome, whether you’re a crewmate or an imposter.

Polus Point will be available for free on Meta Quest, Rift, and PC VR headsets beginning July 27th. That said, the developer is hosting an open beta from 10am PT Thursday, June 29th to 10am PT Monday, July 3rd.

To access the beta on Meta headsets, head to the Among Us VR store page and change the version from ‘LIVE’ to ‘Beta’ (you may need to reinstall the game). If you’re on a PC VR headset, right-click Among Us VR in your library, select ‘Properties,’ and change the dropdown from ‘None’ to ‘Beta’ in the ‘BETAS’ tab (you may need to exit and reopen Steam.

For more information check out Schell Games’ official blog post.

Feature Image Credit: Innersloth, Schell Games

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