This Life-Size Angry Birds Game Is Powered By Immersive Tech

Compete against other teams in a digital smart room complete with motion trackers, projection mapping, and touchscreen technology.

Everyone’s favorite mobile puzzle game Angry Birds has received countless ports since its original launch back in 2009. This includes several VR experiences for Meta Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR headsets, as well as an AR game for iOS and Android devices. That said, we haven’t seen anything like this life-size Angry Birds experience from Electric Gamebox.

For those unfamiliar, Electric Gamebox is a unique location-based immersive platform that utilizes a combination of Lidar and 3D motion tracking, projection mapping, and touchscreen technology to immerse multiple users in a single experience without the need for a VR headset. Each of their “digital smart rooms” can support two to six players simultaneously as they interact with a variety of experiences lasting anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

The latest experience to join Electric Gamebox’s roster is a multiplayer game based on the popular Angry Birds series. Developed in collaboration with Rovio Entertainment, the original creators of the hit franchise, this version of the game will have you battling other teams in a room-scale competitive experience where you’ll be tasked with toppling virtual towers using your own two hands.

Credit: Electric Gamebox

“Rovio’s mission is to craft joy, so being able to bring the iconic Angry Birds game to an in-person, life-sized environment is a wonderful opportunity and Electric Gamebox is the perfect partner to do this with,” said Katri Chacona, Director, Brand Licensing at Rovio Entertainment, in an official release. “Our fans are ready to have yet another way to play a game we all know and love!”

“We are in the business of using technology to bring people together through shared play. We could not be more excited to revisit the iconic Angry Birds franchise through a totally unique format,” added Will Dean, co-founder of Electric Gamebox as well as the popular obstacle course Tough Mudder. “The interactive, competitive yet friendly, version of this game will be exciting for long-time and new fans alike.”

Electric Gamebox currently has 12 locations spread across the United States and Europe, including London, California, Colorado, and Tennessee with plans to open new locations in Liverpool, Birmingham, New York, and Nevada in the future.

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Image Credit: Electric Gamebox

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