This Basketball App Uses AR To Improve Your Ball Skills

All you need is a smart device and an ordinary basketball.

You may have seen a video floating around the web recently of a skilled basketball player practicing their dribbling skills using a unique interactive experience. What you’re looking at is HomeCourt, a personal basketball trainer powered by augmented reality (AR) technology.

The app gamifies your practice sessions, immersing you in a series of interactive drills led by professional NBA and WNBA players. Each challenge is designed to improve your ball skills, from shooting to dribbling, without the need for additional hardware. You simply aim your smartphone or tablet at yourself and let the app record your performance.

Credit: Nex Team Inc.

Some drills will require you to tap virtual targets with your hands while you dribble while others track your shooting performance over a set period of time and award you points for each successful swish. As you play, the app calculates various performance metrics in real time, from your accuracy and dribble speed to your release time, shooting percentage, and vertical jump.

In addition to solo training, you can also compete against other players virtually via the asymmetrical “Battle Mode.” Winning multiplayer matchups earns you various badges, coins, and trophies.

HomeCourt is available to download free on smart devices. You can access over 100 drills and activities as well as unlimited shot tracking 100% free of charge.

For an additional monthly fee, you can access HomeCourt Plus, a premium subscription service that unlocks additional features such as access to the members-only training club, the ability to request feedback from HomeCourt pro trainers, and access to the HomeCourt Global Camp.

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