These AR Glasses Use AI To Make You More Likable

ChatGPT and augmented reality technology could save your butt during your next job interview.

Those who’ve seen their fair share of romantic comedies are no doubt familiar with the classic earpiece conversation trope where one character, usually the romantic lead, is coached through an intimate conversation with their love interest by another character who feeds them lines through some sort of hidden communication device.

Wouldn’t it be neat if you had access to such a useful service at a moment’s notice, like during an uncomfortable date or stressful job interview? The technology may be coming sooner than you think.

A group of student researchers based out of Stanford University have developed what they call “rizzGPT,” a real-time Charisma as a Service (CaaS) powered by a combination of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

First spotted by XR Today, the unique communication assistance device uses a relatively straightforward design to deliver some pretty incredible results. The glasses listen to your conversations using OpenAI’s automatic speech recognition tool, Whisper, and generate natural responses in real time using another piece of AI software from OpenAI, the ChatGPT-4 chatbot.

Those responses are then layered over the users’ real-world environment using Brilliant Labs’ Brilliant Monocle, a hackable AR lens that can be clipped onto virtually any pair of consumer glasses. When used in conjunction with one another, rizzGPT can effectively deliver knowledge on virtually any topic (up to 2021) at a moment’s notice.

Credit: Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang

As pointed out by Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang, one of the members of the student research team responsible for the project, the system could prove useful in a number of high-stress scenarios.

“Say goodbye to awkward dates and job interviews,” he said on Twitter. “We made rizzGPT — real-time Charisma as a Service (CaaS) it listens to your conversation and tells you exactly what to say next,” adding, “Thanks to @brilliantlabsAR for providing the Monocle AR gadget — super easy to clip onto any pair of glasses + has a camera, microphone, and high-res display.”

For more information check out Twitter.

Which would be the first scenario you’d use these glasses in? An improv class? A public Q&A? A police interrogation?

Feature Image Credit: Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang

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